Duane Peters - Master of Disaster

Simon Sac Reynolds

Brewce Martin

Dan Hovington

Lucas Sanders

Q&A with Lucas

Where were you born?  Santa Clarita, Ca
Favorite Skate Spot?  Pedlow Skatepark
Best skating experience?  Every time I fall
Food you crave the most?  Pickles
Favorite Movie?  Nightmare on Elm Street
Favorite color? Black
Favorite Band: Dead Kennedys
Other Sponsors: Sacrifice Skateboards, Concrete Disciples, CYL Apparel, Chance to Ride, Ace Trucks
Catch Lucas at: Any World Cup Events in the U.S.A

Jared Albright

Dartanyan Ward


Sky Braun (7yrs old)

Ocean Braun (3yrs old)

Austin Barnes



Francesca Rosario - Oceanside, Ca

Type of rider: Freeride & Downhill
Favorite board: Mini Hornet & The Ravage


Rodrigo Panadés

Eddie Hernandez

Rafael Rivera

Type of rider: Freeride & Power Slide
Favorite board: Drone V2

Q&A with Rafael

Where were you born?  Escondido, Ca
What's your favorite skate spot?  I'll never tell!
Best skateboarding experience?  The first time me and my friends went on a skate trip to our favorite local hill.
Food you crave the most?  The entire Sonic menu
Favorite Movie?  Forrest Gump
Favorite color? Green
Other Sponsors: Buck Trucks, Acid Chemical Co., Grind Skate Shop
Catch Rafael at these events: 
Muir Skate Downhill Disco, Adrenalina Skateboard marathon


Nicole Larsen aka. "Nix Victim"

Q&A with Nicole

Where were you born?  Tampa Florida
Banked vs. Flat?  Flat, but banked is a lot of fun. I'd love to do banked some more, but there really aren't many opportunities to do it.
Best derby experience?  Trying out for Team USA. It was a great experience and helped me figure out what I needed to work on.
Food you crave the most?  Mexican Food! I try to eat Mexican food before every bout.
Favorite Movie?  Goonies, and Roadhouse is a very close second.
Favorite color? Blue
Favorite Band: I love all kinds of music so picking one is hard but, Christina Perri is probably my favorite artist.


GiGi Rosser

Q&A with GiGi

Where were you born?  Stonybrook, New York
Favorite Skate Spot?  Anthem Hills Skatepark in Henderson, NV
Best skating experience?  Going to Woodward West and meeting all the pros!
Food you crave the most?  Chicken Fingers & Dr. Pepper
Favorite Movie?  Perfect Pitch
Favorite color? Purple
Favorite Band: Krewella
Other Sponsors: Grit Pro Scooters, Urban Gravity Scooters, Elyts Footwear, Small Wheels Xtreme
Catch GiGi at: SD9 on January 3rd, 2015. Also find me at Woodward West Scooter Camps


Davide Giannoni

Q&A with Davide

Where were you born?  Rome (ITA) but my Citizen is Republic of San Marino (a independent small republic)
Favorite Skate Spot?  Fardamatti Vert & 3.0 Skatepark
Best skating experience?  Asian World Extreme Games 2013.
Food you crave the most?  I'm Italian! Pasta & Pizza.
Favorite Movie?  Goonies
Favorite color? Electric Blue
Favorite Band: AC/DC, Iron Maiden & Black Label Society
Other Sponsors: K2 Skate, Gloryfy, Street Max, Dudes, Six Feet Deep Clothing
Catch Davide at: 
I.R.C (International Roller Cup) 2014 & E.C. Championship Final 2014