The Derby Dozen by Smith Episode #8

The Derby Dozen, 12 questions 1 person a whole lot of information passed along to the rest of us.

1- Whats your real name and derby name?

Heather Alva / Kam N. GetIt

2 - How long have you been involved with Skating?

I've skated all my life. I've been playing Roller Derby since August 2008 and will continue until my body tells me otherwise.

3 - How did you become involved with Roller Derby?

A friend asked me to join with her and I've been hooked ever since!

4 - What teams are you skating with?

The Camel City Thrashers

5 - Flat Track or Banked?

Flat Track - although I would LOVE to try out a banked track!

6 - If you had to chose between taking a killer rock block or loosing a toe stop mid-jam?

Hmmmm, I guess the killer block. I use my toe stops a lot for transitions and backwards blocking and I'd most likely fall face-first if I didn't have them.

7 - Whats the best part about Roller Derby?

What isn't the best part of Roller Derby? You get to skate, meet new people, travel, gain a whole new AMAZING family, get funky bruises, and play this amazing sport where no matter how "different" you are - you will fit in!

8 - Chocolate or Vanilla?


9 - Whats the best hit you have given?

We were playing a home bout and I hit this very tiny jammer and she went flying out of bounds and the crowd went crazy!! I had so many fans come up to me after and tell me how "epic" that hit was!

10 - Worst injury?

Hmmm, breaking my tailbone. It still hurts to this day and it happened in 2011!

11 - Gear specs? The Variety pack of Roller Derby: Crazy Skates DBX5 boot Venus Plate Atom Jukes Super Reds Bearings Smith Scabs Psycho Knee Pads Smith Scabs Gaskets ProDesign Elbow Pads Atom Wrist Guards Sisu Mouth Guard Triple8 Helmet

12 - Where do you shop for all your gear?

Derby City Skates in Winston-Salem, NC

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