The Derby Dozen by Smith Episode #6

The Derby Dozen, 12 questions 1 person a whole lot of information passed along to the rest of us.


1 - Whats your real name and derby name?
Angelena DeLucia / Vonda Kut-A-Vitch

2 - How long have you been involved with Skating?

Roller Derby about 5 years now.

3 - How did you become involved with Roller Derby?

I was moshing around at a local metal show, and was approached by a derby gal saying I should come check out the local team.

4 - What teams are you skating with?

Shasta Roller Derby Assassins is my home league 

5 - Flat Track or Banked?

I play Flat track, but Banked is SO fun!

6 - If you had to chose, taking a killer rock block or loosing a toe stop mid-jam?

I’ll say loosing a toe stop because I dunno what “killer rock block” means hahaha

7 - Whats the best part about Roller Derby?

That’s a tough question. For me its all of it is amazing!

8 - Chocolate or Vanilla? Vanilla- What why Choose?!?

  I guess Vanilla because you can make it chocolate.

9 - Whats the best hit you have given?

I’m not such a strong hitter, usually more positional blocker. I have heard it hurts when I get good hip checks in- they blame my boney hips.

10 - Worst injury?

Worst injury I have had (and I’m way lucky) is a separated AC joint.

11 - Gear specs?

I skate on Riedell 495’s with revenge plates, atom or rollerbone wheels, Smith leopard knee pads (with Gaskets), poor joy wrist guards, 187 Elbow and Triple 8 or S1 of helmet.

12 - Where do you shop for all your gear?

Online. Nothing local boo! Cruz Skate Shop or Wicked Skate shop are usually what I go to first.