The Derby Dozen by Smith episode #4

The Derby Dozen, 12 questions 1 person a whole lot of information passed along to the rest of us.

1- Whats your real name and derby name? Janet Dominy aka Jan Wicked

2- How long have you been involved with Skating? I started skating when I was 7 after my parents split up. My mom used the rink hours to study while in college and I was there every time the rink was opened. I did speed team and we had a pretty competitive roller limbo team. I had gotten down to clearing an 8 inch bar. One of the other girls on our team held the World Record for passing under a bar at 5 inches.

3- How did you become involved with Roller Derby? Roller Derby was something that we watched on TV at the rink on Saturday nights. The 1980's televised derby on Bank track and I think there was an alligator pit...anyway. A group of girls attempted a start up of a derby league but with no experience it fell apart quickly. A new league formed up with some of the serious skaters from the first league. I joined right as the rink opened back up in July and I have been rolling hard ever since

4- What teams are you skating with? Currently I skate with the South Coast Derby Dolls in Brunswick Georgia. I love my girls. We skate with lots of other teams in scrimmage. Our family stretches the southeast coast.

5- Flat Track or Banked? Flat Track. Our Captain Shematoma used to skate Bank Track in Texas with TXRD. It looks like fun.

6- If you had to chose, taking a killer rock block or loosing a toe stop mid-jam? Killer Rock Blocks are my life. I am a blocker...that's what I do. I give hard hits and I take hard hits. Jamming is hard enough for me without loosing a toe stop. That's the stuff my nightmares revolve around.

7- Whats the best part about Roller Derby? For me the best part about Roller Derby has been getting back on 8 wheels and being good at something. I enjoy the feeling of learning a new skill or that look from your team mate when you know you got something and they know you got it. It's like you don't even have to say anything. Feels amazing

8- Chocolate or Vanilla? Why or why can't we just have both?

9- Whats the best hit you have given? Last bout of the season. Had a girl get away with a back block that landed me square on my butt. The refs didn't call it so I just threw myself anger and all at the jammer who backblocked me and knocked her of the track. Amazing feeling.

10- Worst injury? Bruised Rib Meats. Took forever to heal and hurt forever. Reinjured it a few times too. Im better now...never again.

11- Gear specs? Currently I am a mix of great gear and gear that needs help. Im pretty much a broke skater. I wish I could share my shopping list but for the sake of the question. I skate on Labeda Mombo Pro skates size 5. I have Fugative wheels for indoor and Radar Flat Outs for outdoor. I have TSG Knees, Triple 8 Wrists, and (so embarassing) Bell Elbows but I am currently saving for Smith Psychos I love the way they look and how they are longer as right now im rockin a permanent bruise on my forarm I also use RX Toe Stops

12- Where do you shop for all your gear? I get my gear from different places...where I can get the best price for the things I want.

All photos courtesy of Sherry D Deal's and Beetle Juice.

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