The Derby Dozen by Smith episode #3

The Derby Dozen, 12 questions 1 person a whole lot of information passed along to the rest of us.

 1- What’s your real name and derby name?

 Real Name: Nicole Larsen  Derby Name : Nix Victim

2 - How long have you been involved with Skating?

 I was a rink rat growing up and going into my 3rd season with Roller Derby

3 - How did you become involved with Roller Derby?

 I watched a bout in between my son’s hockey games and new I wanted to try it.

4 - What teams are you skating with?

I currently skate with Dallas Derby Devils and Wichita Falls Derby Dames

5 - Flat Track or Banked?

I have done both but flat track is in my area and my normal skating environment.

6 - If you had to choose, taking a killer rock block or losing a toe stop mid-jam?

Gosh IDK I have never lost a toe-stop so idk how awkward that would be. I guess a Killer rock block.

7 - What’s the best part about Roller Derby?

The family you gain.

8 - Chocolate or Vanilla?


9 - What’s the best hit you have given?

I love the big hits that the crowd feels. When you hear the crowd respond with a ewwwww or an ahhhhh – those are the best- and of course when they open a path for your jammer or knock the opponents’ jammer down.

10 - Worst injury?

I’ve been pretty lucky minor knee issues once.

11 - Gear specs?

Smith Scab Knee Pads, 187 elbow pads, triple eight wrist guards, Riedell skates w/ atom lowboy wheels.

12 - Where do you shop for all your gear?

Usually online @ or Deviance Skate Supply.