The Derby Dozen by Smith episode #2

  The Derby Dozen, 12 questions 1 person a whole lot of information passed along to the rest of us.

1-   Whats your real name and derby name?

Real: Angela Spetts Derby: Slay West

2 - How long have you been involved with Skating?

Occasionally at the skating rink as a kid and 5 1/2 years now with roller derby.

3 - How did you become involved with Roller Derby?

I saw an ad for it, missed playing a team sport (it have been about 4 years), and decided to check it out.

4 - What teams are you skating with?

CNY All Stars of Central New York Roller Derby I'm also skating on the New York State All Star team in a tournament called Battle of the All Stars in Pennsylvania next month.

5 - Flat Track or Banked?


6 - If you had to chose, taking a killer rock block or loosing a toe stop mid-jam?

Rock block. At least then I wouldn't keep falling because I forgot I didn't have my toe stop any more.

7 - Whats the best part about Roller Derby?


8 - Chocolate or Vanilla?


9 - Whats the best hit you have given?

Any hit that's helped my team, whether that's making a hole for my jammer or shutting down the opposing jammer.

10 - Worst injury?

Very minor knee injury.

11 - Gear specs?

Scabs knee pads, Triple 8 helmet & wrist guards, Atom elbow pads, Reidell 495s with Powerdyne Revenge plates and Crazy Bloc toe stops

12 - Where do you shop for all your gear?

I shop at various places. Mostly Five Stride Skate Shop, Bruised Boutique, and Black Mamba Skate Shop.