The Derby Dozen by Smith Episode #5

The Derby Dozen, 12 questions 1 person a whole lot of information passed along to the rest of us.

1 - What’s your real name and derby name?
    •    Real name:  Lyssa Sharick
    •    Derby Name: Revelation #4-9
2 - How long have you been involved with Skating?
    •    I have been skating since as long as I can remember.  I actually don’t recall the first time I put skates on.  When I would get home from school I would strap on my quads and go trail skating with my friends being the uncool one that didn’t have roller blades. 
 3 - How did you become involved with Roller Derby?
    •    About 11 years ago I was visiting a friend and she was talking about being freshmeat while she was practicing falls. I made her tell me all about it and was hooked.  At the time I was getting married and starting a family so I wasn’t able to start right away, but after a hiatus it encouraged me to pull my skates out and start playing around in them a little bit again.
 4 - What teams are you skating with?
    •    Wicked City Derby Damez is my league and Daughters of Darknezz is my home team. We are a newer league but have grown and developed in leaps and bounds.  We are even set to be hosting MADE nationals for 2014!
 5 - Flat Track or Banked?
    •    We skate flat track.  We have banked track plans for the future though, so just you wait!
 6 - If you had to chose, taking a killer rock block or losing a toe stop mid-jam?
    •    I’ll take a Killer Rock Block!  I cry a little inside every time I have to jam!  Jamming is so complicated and exhausting for me as is, I couldn’t imagine throwing a toe stop off in the middle of it.
 7 - What’s the best part about Roller Derby?
    •    Everything! Seriously though the camaraderie and the fitness.  I love the sisterhood we all share and I love being in shape so it’s all a win.  The physical aspect is always a challenge because we can always improve.  I love that.
 8 - Chocolate or Vanilla?
    •    Mint!
 9 - What’s the best hit you have given?
    •    My favorite memory of a hit would be the first time I went against one of our vets and was actually able to hold my ground.  She tried to hit me out and I countered her and pushed against her back to the middle. It was certainly a victory moment for me! I hope I always remember it because I think it is important, especially as a Freshmeat coach.  It’s good to remember where we started.
 10 - Worst injury?
    •    I have managed to not get injured yet!  …but now that this has been written I am probably doomed….  So far it’s been the usual rink rash and bruises. I’ve had a few minor sprains.  My knee cap is bruised which is proving incredibly annoying, but so far nothing that would take me off my skates. 
  11 - Gear specs?
    •    Oh man, it’s quite a compilation of goodness. I skate Riedell She Devils with Powerdyne Triton plates.  For our cement floors (and the skate parks) I use Zombies Low Profile 89a but switch to Poisons Low Profile 84 for outdoor.  My helmet is the Triple 8 Brainsaver (dual certified).  Right now my elbows are the 187 but I think I am going to try the Smith Scabs next.  I had originally choose the 187 because they are smaller and less bulky, but from what I hear the Scabs stay put better.  We shall see!  My wrist guards are the Triple 8 Roller Derby guards.  My knees are protected by the Smith Scabs Elite.  
 12 - Where do you shop for all your gear?
    •    Derby Warehouse ~ They were so amazing when I went in with a million questions and not knowing anything about anything.  They were patient and probably drug out every possible different type and brand of gear you could think of so I could try it on and mess with it.  Though they are in California and I am in Texas I still use their website.  The only time I order elsewhere is the off chance they don’t have what I am looking for.  I pretty much love them.